Canada’s Rock Shop is located inside The Preferred Perch, a prominent nature shop located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The business has a new online store to order rocks and crystals from the comfort of home! Sherrie Versluis started The Preferred Perch in 1995 and has earned an enormous following for her extensive knowledge of wild birds, nature, rocks, and crystals! Equally impressive is her vast collection of rare and high-quality rocks and crystals. Sherrie has dedicated her time to two fundamental principles, knowledge of her products and outstanding customer service.

With this mindset, Sherrie has become known by her customers as an expert on birds and crystals in Manitoba! The Preferred Perch has earned an outstanding reputation for providing the kind of customer service everyone wants, with the knowledge to guide birdwatchers and crystal lovers to thrive with their purchases. In 2021, Sherrie is now offering her rock and crystal collection for sale beyond Manitoba’s borders! For more information on Sherrie’s incredible store, visit the website and see the successful business that started it all!