Bergamot Essential Oil


SIZE: 20ml

ROOM FRAGRANCE: Use a few drops in a room diffuser, or on some tissue placed on a hot water radiator. Ideal to lift mild depression, for unwinding after a traumatic day at work, or simply as a very pleasant air refresher.

BATHS: Add 6-8 drops to the water, as a mental stimulant or relaxant (depending on the emotional state). It may be found helpful if used as a douche in the bath to relieve the itching caused by thrush, cystitis or haemorrhoids.

MASSAGE: A few drops in the massage oil for: emotional instability; anxiety; loss of appetite; oily skin; acne, or just for its wonderful fragrance. Bergamot mixes extremely well with many other oils such as Lavender, Neroli, Ho leaf and Mandarin.

OTHER USES: Bergamot essential oil will partly dissolve in alcohol such as gin or vodka. This blend can then be used as an application on irritating skin conditions such as chicken pox, measles and shingles. Use 10 drops of F.C.F. oil to a 5 ml. spoon of alcohol and dab it onto the spots, if the alcohol causes too much stinging on children, dab on some distilled witch hazel a minute or two after applying the alcohol/oil mix.

Bergamot blends well with other Citrus oils; Basil; Roman Chamomile; Clary; Cypress; Geranium; Ho leaf; Jasmine; Lavender; Juniper; Sweet Marjoram; Neroli; Pines; Rosemary and Ylang.

The expressed oil may be yellow to green depending on the maturity of the fruit.The fragrance is characteristic, fresh, lemony-fruity with a slightly balsamic note in the expressed oil.

Interesting Note: Citrus trees can intercross naturally, or this is done by man. Commercial growers of citrus trees frequently graft stocks. Due to this, establishing the precise botanical variety is an inexact science and it makes an exact botanical name for the essential oils yielded meaningless.

Caution: Photosensitization occurs only with ‘expressed’ oil and so it should not be applied to the skin. The F.C.F. grade Bergamot oil is safe; these initials mean that the natural photosensitizing agents have been reduced to safe levels. Keep all essential oils out of reach of children, and away from the eyes.


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