Birch Essential Oil


SIZE: 20ml

Birch oil is amazing for its pain-relieving effect on the joints and muscles. It Works! The main compound making up over 99% of Birch oil is Methyl Salicylate. This compound is used in many commercial over the counter pain ointment and creams in very small amounts. It takes a very small amount to do the job.

WARNING!! BIRCH OIL IS TOXIC. Birch and Wintergreen Oils are 98% – 99% methyl-salicylate and as with most pain relieving substances, your liver does not like it one bit. If not used properly it can case sever physical issues. Do not apply to dogs or cats.

Use under the supervision of an aromatherapist, or a perfumer, Please do not purchase or use this oil until you have received professional advice. This product in itself should not be used as a cologne.


Weight 20 g
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