Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil


SIZE: 20ml

ROOM FRAGRANCE: Not ideal unless blended with other oils.

INHALATION: Traditional use suggests it may usefully be employed for bronchial tract infections.

BATHS: Occasional use for skin ailments, bronchial conditions and possibly for candidial infections (perhaps mixed with Tea Tree).

MASSAGE: For rheumatism and muscle spasm, for bronchial complaints.

SKIN AND HAIR CARE: Possibly for use in lotions or creams for skin ailments such as dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema, BUT be very wary of causing an allergic reaction if using the oil on broken skin. The oil has a reputation for improving the quality of hair growth and for clearing dandruff, for such purposes it may be added to shampoos, hair conditioners or it can simply be added to Jojoba or Fr. coconut and applied to the hair as a dressing. It is worth trying for acne if other remedies fail.

Atlas cedarwood oil is used in perfumery as a fixative. It is said to blend well with other woody or floral-woody fragrances. It may give a unique fragrance if a hint is added to ROSE


Weight 20 g
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