Eucalyptus Blue Gum Essential Oil


SIZE: 20ml

ROOM FRAGRANCE: Not used for fragrance.

INHALATION: The oil may be sprinkled onto a handkerchief and the vapor inhaled for: catarrhal colds, coughs, chronic bronchitis, chest soreness following flu, pharyngitis and for nasal congestion. Mixed with other oils such as pine, its vapors can be inhaled from hot water, or from a proper inhaler such as the Nelson inhaler.

BATHS: 3-4 drops may be added to a bath to help relieve some of the conditions mentioned above, but this method should not be used too frequently.

MASSAGE: The oil may be usefully employed in chest rubs to help relieve the conditions above, and it has been used for local rubs to help rheumatism. The oil is not ideal for general body massage due to its irritating properties on delicate tissues.

CAUTION: Eucalyptus oil must be kept out of the reach of children. Products containing Eucalyptus oil must not be applied to, or near the nostrils in infants because of the risk of choking. This oil should be regarded as a highly effective medicinal substance for occasional short-term use, NOT for regular use in massage, baths or inhalants except under professional guidance.

Death has occurred after consuming as little as 4-5 ml. of oil. Therefore it vital that at the slightest hint of excessive consumption of this oil PROMPT HOSPITAL ATTENTION MUST BE OBTAINED.


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