Grapefruit White Essential Oil


SIZE: 20ml

ROOM FRAGRANCE: Fresh aroma is uplifting, Stimulating, anti-depressant, refreshing and excellent as a room deodorant.

BATHS: Good quality grapefruit oil, because of its wonderful invigorating and refreshing fragrance, is ideal to use in the bath. It can lift the mind from lethargic states and lift mild depression. However it should not be used day in day out for weeks on end, or its effects on the mind will be lost, and/or skin irritation could develop.

MASSAGE: Mentally uplifting and anti-depressive. Ideal for: mental exhaustion, or lethargy. Possibly of use for people suffering from anorexia, as it acts as a digestive stimulant. while at the same time causing mental relaxation from the effects of the massage combined with the aroma.

Grapefruit blends well with: other Citrus oils, Geranium, Juniper, Lemongrass and Vetiver.

Caution: May be mild photosensitizer. Do not use before going into bright light or before using sunbeds. Do not use on anyone who develops any sign of skin irritation following the use of citrus oils. Until further information is available, it is wiser to avoid all citrus oils (except F.C.F. Bergamot) for people suffering from skin cancers. Do not use grapefruit oil on the skin if it is over 6 months old. Ensure grapefruit oil does not come into contact with the eyes. Keep all essential oils well away from children.


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